“Lumeria Rising” Community yoga event by lululemon athelitica at Lumeria Maui [ photo by Moriah Diamond ]

"Moriah Diamond is the top Empowerment event photographer who
is known for her ability to capture the true essences of people at events."



If you're looking for quality photos & excellent video clips produced by a professional, then look no further. Moriah brings with her...
excellence, professionalism, joy, grace, ease and flow.
Hire Moriah to shoot your next event, and you'll thank me later.
  - Keith Leon -
Best Selling Author,
Who Do You Think You Are? Discover The Purpose Of Your Life  

"Moriah Diamond is a brilliant, vibrant, master photographer.
Not only does she capture the pure essence of YOUR brilliance through the lense of her camera; but, she empowers her subjects to see the very best in themselves. What she brings to the photography of a LIVE event is pure joy. What she brings to her finished product is pure mastery and expertise. My recommendation of Moriah Diamond in three words: HIRE HER NOW!."
    - Marsh Engle -
Amazing Woman's Day  

"Moriah is an extremely talented graphic designer and photographer - she is efficient, easy going, flexible and attentive. I have been working with her for the past 8 months and will continue to do so indefinitely - her work ethic is hard to compete with."
    - Guy Blews -
Relationship Expert & Life Coach

  "U r such an amazing woman. So fun to be around. U make everyone feel so comfortable in front of the camera."
  - Valerie Waugaman -
AKA “Siren” from The NBC Reality Show

of new people, some of them are world famous. You stood out as one of the most wonderful people that I met that day, and the service that you offer is priceless!
    - Dan Boe -
Firewalking & Waterwalking Presentations

"Witnessed Moriah in action at the Love Your Mind, Love Your Life event in San Diego, for 2 days and she is full of energy, creative and a magic maker."

- Thomas Mangum -

"Freakin amazing, unbelievable, incredible and beautiful pictures! What an honor to meet such a talented photographer (and super cool fun person!) at the Shamballa Fusion event! Thank you so much for being such a great part of it! "

- Amanda Jones -

"Moriah, you have the gift of making people feel like you are their old friend through your camera lense. Thank you! It was great getting to know you at the event at La Costa. See you soon! Much love!"

- Rabia Hayek -

"I recommend Moriah with absolutely no reservations, and more importantly, with joy and enthusiasm! Moriah has a sparkle to her, a vision and a passion for life that comes out in each photo she takes. She is able to get people to light up seconds before snapping beautiful, REAL, AUTHENTIC shots. Moriah captures beautiful moments that are genuine, and makes you feel great in the process!"

- Ariella Forstein -

"Moriah, You are a phenomena.
The camera becomes an extension of your personality.
You are special...and make those around you feel cherished.
You are an artist with an eye for detail.
I recommend Moriah"

- Ziona Etzion -

"The Queen of bringing brilliance to a room as we watched you "work" it girl!
I have never meet someone that brought so much "show" to the art of taking pictures! Girl..no one dances with a camera like you do!
Can't wait to work with you...rock on with your FAB self."
- Kathleen Ronald -

"Great job with this video Moriah!! Your great joy filled spirit added so much to this event. Thanks for bringing your light and your talent to the party."
  - Keith Leon -

"Moriah Diamond is the best photographer in Los Angeles! Her enthusiasm, eye for elegance, & ability to capture the magic of any moment are rare & valuable qualities. I recommend her to anyone who seeks to manifest the highest possible standard of excellence in photographic."

- DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan -


If You Have an Upcoming Workshop, Seminar, Conference, Retreat, Red Carpet Event or Networking Event and Need Photography & Social Media Marketing ...
Moriah Diamond - Photographer

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