“Lumeria Rising” Community yoga event by lululemon athelitica at Lumeria Maui [ photo by Moriah Diamond ]

Video Testimonials

Les Brown
The World's Leading Motivational Speaker
Mark Victor Hansen Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"
Shellie Hunt
Executive Producer of “Remake MY Life”
Joel Bauer
The Mentors Mentor
Gary Goldstein
Producer of “Pretty Women”
Joe Shugarman
Chairman and founder of BluBlocker sunglasses
Vishen Lakhiani
Founder of MindValley LC.
Clinton Swaine
Owner of Frontier Trainings
Loral Langemeier
The Millionaire Maker
Alex Mandossian
Owner of "Productive Today"
Christine Comaford
Lynn Rose
Ron James
Berny Dohrman
Max Simon
Richard Crawford
Eric Lofholm
Aggie Kobrin
Mark Anthony Bates
Travis Miller & Jimmy V
John Spencer Ellis & Kelli Ellis
Greg Reid
Bill Bartmann
Christopher & D.r. Barton Jr
Shellie Hunt
Kelly O'Neil
David Corbin
Larry Bennet
Woody Woodward
Arvee Robinson
Kevin Nation
Kelly O’Neil
Desiree Doubrox
Dr. Brian Alman
Marsh Engle
Aggie Kobrin
Bob Donnell
Suzy Pruden
Joe Palmer
Sandra Blackie
Speak Your Way to Wealth
Amy Applebaum
Emma Tiebens
Jennifer Cloake
Lauren Solomon
Lou Brown
Chimene Holmes
Lisa Steadman
Dr. Letitia Wright
Rand Brenner
Louis Lautman
Jerry Chen
Desiree Doubrox
Jorge Bueno
DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan

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